Magnet Services

Field MRI Services specializes in performing critical, system-saving magnet procedures. We can dispatch a team of engineers to your site with all the equipment and tools needed to clear ice blocks from ramp ports and helium fill ports. We can safely ramp down your magnet, effect repairs, ramp the magnet and shim your magnet to OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost major equipment manufacturers and other service organizations charge. We also perform helium fills on a per instance basis or a contracted fill schedule.

24/7 Magnet Monitoring

Helium is the “life blood” for your high field magnet. Unfortunately, the United States and the rest of the world is experiencing a global shortage of liquid helium. Even one day with a chiller or cold head compressor being off can cost a company hundreds of dollars. A long holiday weekend with no chiller to keep a magnet cold head can cost thousands or could lead to a magnet quench. Air conditioning and humidity levels in the equipment room are equally important to the operation of critical, temperature-sensitive components that drive your MRI scanner. Do not let high temps and static electricity lead to early failure of expensive components.

Field MRI Services offers 24/7/365 remote monitoring for your MRI system and magnet. Remote monitoring coverage includes helium levels, pressure, equipment room temperature & humidity, water chiller status, water flow, and more. Field MRI Services offers around-the-clock monitoring with instantaneous notification by email, phone text to our service engineers and your local manager and technologists. Remote monitoring is included with a service contract or as a monthly option. A web site is always available to view the status of your systems in real time, as well as receiving daily reports that can help predict cold head life and helium boil-off of the magnet. We offer discounted pricing for multiple systems being monitored. Contact Field MRI Services to discuss a remote monitoring plan for your imaging center or hospital imaging suite.

Magnet Storage

Field MRI Services offers climate-controlled, short-term or long-term storage for your MRI system and magnet. Whether you need to keep a system cold and safe for a few weeks before shipping it overseas, or for a few months until your imaging center is ready for system delivery Field MRI Services is ready. We have a team of local rigging professionals available to carefully accept and off-load your incoming system from the trucks and place them in our secure facility.

We professionally inventory, wrap and label your containers and sub-assemblies, monitor the cold head compressor and helium level daily 24/7 and provide weekly reports while in our care. Our field service engineers can also fill your magnet if needed prior to shipping or transport to another facility. We have a national helium contract that can save you thousands in helium costs if your company does not have a helium contract or other service companies have been charging exorbitant rates for helium. Please call or email for a quote for system/magnet storage today!

Magnet Shim/Re-Shim

Perhaps your physicist has failed your upcoming ACR testing due to out-of-specification homogeneity of your magnet? Maybe the area around your magnet room has changed due to additional equipment or metal? Field MRI Services offers reasonable, flat-rate pricing for magnet shim and re-shim projects for low-field and high-field magnets. If you are installing a recently purchased MRI system and need to finish the installation with a shim or your image quality has degraded over the years and the magnet shim needs a touch-up, we are ready to bring your system back into OEM specifications and superior image quality. We specialize in GE, Marconi, Philips, Picker, Siemens magnets – high field and low field. Call or email today for a magnet shim quote!


It happens to nearly everyone in this business! Ice somehow finds a way to form in your high-filed, super conducting magnet. Ice in your magnet can prevent efficient helium fills, safe ramp ramp-ups or ramp downs, increased helium boil-off, and worst of all, an expensive or catastrophic magnet quench! Our field service team has been de-icing magnets around the country and world since 1989. We have seen how a neglected magnet can lead to loss of business because a simple $1 rubber O-ring was not installed after a helium fill. We have seen an otherwise well-performing magnet can quench during a ramp down because the ramp port was filled with ice and some companies will gamble and try to ramp down without clearing the ice. Don’t let your magnet suffer the same fate. Call or email today for a quote to have ice removed from your valuable magnet and will save you money down the road.

Magnet Ramp Up/Down

Field MRI Services provides inexpensive, professional flat-rate pricing for your magnet ramping needs. Whether you have purchased a system from a broker or another imaging center and need to move the magnet during the de-installation, need to have the magnet off field for a cold head replacement, or safe decommission of a magnet no longer in use, we have all the equipment, tools and supplies needed to get the job done quickly and safely. Call or email today for your magnet ramp up/down projects.

FMS Specializes In:

  • 24/7 Magnet Monitoring

  • Magnet Storage

  • Magnet Shim/Re-Shim

  • De-Icing

  • Magnet Ramp Up/Down

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Having ACR Problems? Need a magnet installed/deinstalled? Need technical support or parts? We can help.

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Having ACR Problems? Need a magnet installed/deinstalled? Need technical support or parts? We can help.

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